Sociedad Chilena de Filosofía Analítica

The Chilean Society for Analytic Philosophy (S.C.F.A) is a new space for the development of philosophical research in the analytic tradition, which is characterized by direct/argumentative dialog, respect and intellectual clarity.

The S.C.F.A not only attempts to promote research in those areas traditionally associated with Analytic Philosophy (Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Logics, Ethics, Political Philosophy, History of Philosophy, etc.), but also aims to generate dialog with other scientific disciplines that convey important philosophical consequences such as cognitive science, biology or psychology.

Some of the fundamental goals of the Chilean Society for Analytic Philosophy are: (i) To promote historical and contemporary studies related with analytic philosophy, (ii) To  make possible the philosophical exchange of ideas through conferences and international colloquia, (iii) To provide the necessary tools for publishing in the field, (iv) To establish a network of interaction with other societies and organizations in order to achieve the previous tasks, (v) To defend the freedom and autonomy of philosophical research and teaching.

The Chilean Society for Analytic Philosophy is open to all the researchers who wish to collaborate, especially to philosophers, psychologists and cognitive scientists whose native language is Spanish.

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